Sveta and Jason Daly are two of the most professional ballroom teachers I could ever wish to meet.  They have made me a successful competitive dancer through their dedication to my learning. They pay attention to my specific strengths and needs as I aspire to progress. Both of them are patient and supportive while still making corrections and improvements. I love them for their positive attitude and encouragement at every turn. Thank you Sveta and Jason for making my life full of the joy of dancing.

- Kay Burton

For me, there are two important aspects to Dance Daly.   The first is the high quality of dance experience and teaching by Jason and Sveta Daly.  The second is the relationship between the Daly's and all of the Dance Daly members.  This is a group of people who genuinely support each other no matter the abilities or goals of each individual.   It is truly a family.

- Cheryl Willeford

I took my first dance steps when I was 5 years old. I am now 100 years old and still dancing! Through dance, I have been blessed with many cherished memories; dancing with my late husband at the Hollywood Palladium and the Catalina Casino, performing for the AIDS Foundation in Laguna Beach, as well as numerous choreographed shows such as those currently produced by Jason Daly. Dance has continued to provide me with many benefits over the years but most significantly, dance provides for me a network of friends and support such as Jason and Sveta that continue to lift my spirits and create a sense of belonging.

- Kay Hunter

Initially, dance provides a brief respite from the confines of my adult life; for a brief 1-2hrs, I was able to forget about my parental and professional responsibilities and focus on solely on me. However, it is now 9 years later and I am still dancing. In fact, dance has become a fundamental part of my life. It is my primary source of exercise and entertainment. Jason and Sveta have played a pivotal role throughout my dance journey. I not only consider them accomplished dance instructors but also close friends.

- Karance

- Karance

My first experience with Sveta and Jason Daly was at a local dance competition, in which they both expressed an interest in coaching me and my amateur partner.  Not because they wanted the business (trust me, they had tons of students to teach!), but because they were genuinely interested in helping us out and were empathetic to our obvious disappointment in our current standings.  We were currently working with another Professional Rhythm instructor, who we really liked, but were getting frustrated always coming in 2nd place.  Though we knew we were accomplished dancers, we were striving for more – and were searching for the missing piece of the puzzle.  Jason and Sveta had the knowledge, understanding, and intuition to fill in the gaps to what was missing.  So what was missing?  It’s hard to say, really.  But once Jason and Sveta began training us, we starting getting higher marks from the judges, our dancing was much more connected, organic, and cleaner - and were getting that elusive 1st place ranking in nearly every competition. It felt really good to finally be awarded for the hard work we put into our dancing.  Thank you, Jason and Sveta for your sincerity, patience, expertise, and passing on your knowledge and experience to your students.

- Cindy Hahn, Former Amateur American Rhythm Champion

I’ve been dancing with the Daly team and Jason Daly for over seven years and can’t say enough positive things about the entire experience.
Jason and Sveta are highly successful and gifted dance professionals, but also, and most importantly, are kind and encouraging. Instructors.  I started dancing later in life and my journey with Jason has taking me from the absolute beginner all the way to working on advanced routines and for that I am deeply grateful.
I’ve had lots of fun competing with Jason, but never felt pushed into anything I was not ready for
Because integrity is a key factor for me personally, I must say, not even once in all these years, have I had to question my choice.
The entire team Daly is warm and welcoming. Being a busy medical professional and taking care of my family,  I have to chose my activities with great care and I’m proud to say that I will continue to be a member of the lovely Dance Daly family. Oh, and the Daly girls are absolutely adorable!


- Dr. Larisa

After the passing of my husband my life was flat..I decided to take few dance lessons to add some excitement. Those few lessons have now turned into 2 years of lessons and three competitions. I love dancing with Jason, each lesson my dancing improves and my heart sings. I am always impressed with his insight and talent as a teacher. He knows just what I need at each lesson. I couldn’t recommend him more. 

- Jill Golden

Jason’s natural dance ability combined with his professionalism and “sense of fun” made him my teacher of choice for all types of dances for the last 10 years

- Jill Watkins

Sveta and Jason Daly are both amazing dancers and amazing teachers. Those two skills don't always go together but the Daly's excel at them both, and they make lessons fun. If you want to learn great technique and enjoy it as well, Dance Daly Ballroom is the place for you.

- Phil and Donna Bashaw

I started taking private American Rhythm dance lessons with Jason and Sveta Daly two years ago. A close friend and ER physician colleague introduced us. Simply put, it has been an amazing experience. I have fallen in love with ballroom dancing and am now competing. It is more fun than I could have possibly imagined and it has motivated me to be in the best shape of my life. Perhaps most importantly, Jason and Sveta's passion and energy has had a healing and inspiring impact on my life. I have also met many new wonderful friends through Dance Daly Ballroom

- Guisou Mahmoud

My daughter who was trained in ballet became very interested in ballroom. She has had the pleasure of taking ballroom lessons from Jason & Sveta this last year. She loves their energy, teaching style and attention to detail!.  We are very impressed with their work and very fortunate to be working with them

- Dominique Clemente

Megan Goldstein has been dancing since age 4. She discovered she loved performing on stage and has been doing so since she started dance.  Megan is trained in ballet, pointe, contemporary, acro, tap, jazz, and hip hop styles of dance. Megan is aspiring to become a professional dancer and performer. Megan met Sveta and Jason and decided to try ballroom. Ballroom was like the missing link in her training. Working with Jason and Sveta team is amazing. Jason partners  her in the Latin dances and Sveta coaches her on technique and performance with Jason. They are truly amazing teachers and Megan is thrilled that she met both of them and is excited to continue to learn ballroom at Dance Daly Ballroom.


- Megan Goldstein

My name is Dr. Sharon Powers. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, mother of four, a "forever fiancé" (a phrase I coined myself) and a ballroom dancer. I live life to it's fullest and dancing with Jason and Sveta is an integral part of that recipe!!! Dancing with them brings  me excitement, joy, and the ability to more energetically give to my family and patients. By giving myself the gift of dance with Dance Daly, my cup is filled and I have more positive energy and love to share. Jason and Sveta are the type of people who genuinely care about you and show up in your life. During a very painful divorce 6 years ago they were like angels in disguise. They helped to restore me to my vibrant self with. It's friendship and dance.  Technically they are experts and provide me with the top notch quality that has enabled me to compete in all four styles of ballroom and consistently make finals. Today I am competing in open gold Rhythm and will be adding open American Smooth. We laugh a lot, we work hard and we are a dance family. If you are thinking about dancing, please know you will find a welcoming fun loving family here!

- Dr. Sharon Powers

I started off my experience with dance in ballet, tap, and contemporary. However, it was not until I started ballroom with Jason Sveta that I discovered truly how great dance was. Ballroom is not just your own individual body expression, but also the connection with your partner. I use it express the deeper meaning of the dance and connect with the music and in fun social settings. Jason and Sveta have showed me the technical background behind every action as well as how to express myself through music. I began in middle school, have continued through high school, and plan on keeping up my training in the dance daly family, a family that provides me with a true sense of belonging.

- Danielle Forman