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Social Dancing

  • Salsa

Salsa is one of the most popular social dances in the world. It is primarily danced to Latin music with Afro-Cuban rhythms. Salsa dancing has become so universally popular that there are Salsa nightclubs, lessons, and dancing in practically every major metropolitan city. Salsa music is characterized by its rolling and multi-layered rhythms. The dance is characterized by rolling hip motion and body movement, as well as numerous spin and turn patterns.

  • Bachata

Popular at Salsa and Latin Nightclubs, Bachata is distinctive for its side to side basic movement and its sharp hip motion on every fourth count of music. The music is slower than salsa music, and shares several characteristics with Merengue music since they both were developed in the Dominican Republic.

  • Merengue

One of the easiest to learn, this Latin dance gets fancy very quickly. Even if you have no dance experience, you’ll be amazed at the intricate wraps and patterns you’ll be doing within an hour. Merengue is popular on the Latin nightclub dance floor. It’s a great compliment to Salsa, Mambo, and Bachata. Merengue patterns are also great for almost any style of dance.

  • Country Two-Step

Traveling around the dance floor at a moderate to fast pace, Country Two-Step is full of fun turns, wraps, and weaves. Of course you will find it at country bars and clubs, but thanks to the growing popularity of country music and crossover pop artists, Country Two-Step is in demand at dance studios, ballroom events, and West Coast Swing parties. This is a great dance to develop quick turns, assertive leading, and maneuvering around the dance floor.

  • Nightclub 2-Step

An easy and elegant dance for contemporary slow ballads, Nightclub Two-Step is quickly becoming one of the more popular social dances. There are two main styles that are closely related: contemporary and country. Contemporary Nightclub Two-Step pulses the upbeat, emphasizes an elastic connection, and features more intimate patterns. These are useful for the small or crowded dance floors you may find at lounges, nightclubs, and West Coast Swing dance events. Country Nightclub Two-Step travels more and incorporates many characteristics of Waltz and ballroom dance. This is useful for larger dance floors with more space to be expressive. Our program incorporates the best of both styles to create a social Nightclub Two-Step that can be intimate and romantic, as well as elegant and dramatic.

  • West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a contemporary-style of Swing, very different than what most people initially think of as “swing.” It is by far, the fastest growing social dance worldwide because of how ultra-cool it looks, its versatility, and the variety of popular music it is perfect for. This sleek, smooth, sexy, funky and challenging dance is versatile enough for blues, pop, R&B, country, jazz, disco, rock, and many more genres of music. Its relaxed and smooth body movements, playful improvisation, and stretch give it a distinctive look. Because of its incredible versatility, West Coast Swing will impress people on all types of dance floors. Once people see this dance, they have to learn it. It takes longer to get up to speed than most other dances, but well worth the time and practice. Our robust curriculum will make learning this dance as easy as possible. Even those with two left feet will be swingin’ and groovin’ in no time!

  • Argentine Tango

More intimate, compact, and improvisational than ballroom-style Tango, this version is more closely related to its Argentinian roots. Argentine Tango music emphasizes the melody and allows for a more forgiving and creative rhythm.

In most major metropolitan areas today, you will likely find groups dedicated to dancing Argentine Tango and its related dances.  Often utilizing an embrace hold, a more compact frame and posture, and intertwining leg and footwork, Argentine Tango dancers should be comfortable getting close to their partners and willing to share an intimate evening of dance.

  • Lindy Hop

Energetic, fun, aerobic, and cheery, the Lindy Hop is one of the original versions of swing that is still popular today. If you’ve seen footage of swing dancing in movies, chances are they’re doing the Lindy Hop. Primarily danced to Big Band, Retro Jump, Rock-a-Billy, and Jazz music, it’s often mixed with East Coast Swing steps for a hybrid dance.

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